The TBD Post studio is minutes from downtown, in East Austin. The studio is full of the highest of high-tech, to serve filmmakers, agencies and studios around the world. Check out the beer taps while you’re here. We’re MBE & Texas HUB Certified, and proud to be members of the AICP and Free The Work.

The TBD Post studio is minutes from downtown, in East Austin. The studio is full of the highest of high-tech, to serve filmmakers, agencies and studios around the world. Check out the beer taps while you’re here.

We’re MBE & Texas HUB Certified, and proud to be members of the AICP and Free The Work.


  • Post Supervision
  • Digital Workflow Design
  • On-set services
  • Dailies / Transcodes
  • DIT Stations / Solutions
  • Mobile Editing Suites
  • Creative Editorial
  • Sound Design
  • Audio Mixing
  • VO / ADR
  • Source Connect Pro X
  • Dolby ATMOS
  • Dolby Mixing Certified
  • Motion Graphics
  • Compositing / Flame / VFX
  • Color Grading / DI / Finishing
  • DCI Projection
  • HDR / Dolby Vision Certified
  • Digital Lab Services
  • Media Shuttle File Transfers
  • 1000/1000 Fiber Internet
  • Standards Conversion
  • 2K & 4K DCP
  • DCP Encryption
  • KDM Creation
  • IMF Packaging
  • LTO Archiving

The team.

Our crew is an ever growing pool of editors, digital artists, sound mixers, colorists, graphic designers, animators and producers.

Catie Cacci


Catie relies on her instincts and her well-over a decade (almost two decades) of experience to edit commercials and branded films at TBD Post. Raised by her mother and grandmother, Catie’s weekends often consisted of movie theaters, musicals, and the opera. Oh, and like most kids of the 80s & 90s (did she just date herself?) Blockbuster and MTV. In middle school she wore out the VHS tape rewinder to watch The Godfather on repeat. All these various mediums would influence and inspire Catie, even as she attended The University of Texas at Austin. It was there that she realized she wanted to be a part of the process and not just a spectator; editing allowed just that. Over the years Catie has nurtured a successful editing career in her home state, working with ad agencies and filmmakers alike, cutting commercials, features and documentaries. Catie enjoys the creative collaboration and attention to detail that editing requires and feels there is nothing like a dark edit room while in-the-zone and time disappears. Outside of work Catie can be found cheering at her daughter’s softball games and hiking Austin’s glorious Greenbelt with her dogs. She has lots of dreams but the one we’re rooting for is watching an F-1 race in Italy followed by a beach stay in the South of France. Dreamy.

Ted Griffis

Editor/ Partner

Ted grew up in Tucson, AZ where he raced bikes through the desert landscape and backpacked through the mountains. The southwest shaped his early love of photography, but his studies would lead him to very different terrain. He studied fine art photography at the Art Institute of Boston before beginning his editing career in New York City. Moving from stills to the jigsaw puzzle of editing was a natural evolution and creatively rewarding. He has always loved how sequencing impacts the creative language of story. Starting in documentaries and then later commercials, he soon found himself traveling around the world working on campaigns for Mazda, Range Rover, Shiner Beer, El Jimador, IBM, and Bottega Venetta for agencies Ogilvy & Mather, FCB, McJ and others. Visual storytelling and image making has aways been a passion and, when not cutting, Ted supervises post on most series and films that come through TBD. He is a trusted source for filmmakers and producers nationally and internationally and as one of TBD’s founding partners, Griffis is proud to be part of the vibrant Austin creative community.

Gigi Cone Welch


Gigi started her career as a Producer for advertising agencies (she feels your pain). At one point, she decided to stop giving direction and trim those two frames herself. Thus, Gigi found herself in the editor’s chair telling stories to her hearts delight. She’s lived and worked in all the cool places, from North Carolina to Chicago, Texas to London, creating ads for national brands, documentaries, films and music videos. Working 10 years cross the pond, she worked with award-winning directors such as Hugh Hudson (“Rupture”) and Kevin McDonald (“Around the World with Bob Marley”), but now we’re so glad she’s back in the colonies. She often summers in Maine, where she loves hiking with her family and dog, and you might even find her belting out Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” at karaoke bars.

JC Nuñez


Born and raised in the heart of LA, JC fell in love with movies and music videos at a very young age. Some of his earliest memories are from films like Star Wars and E.T. and watching countless hours of MTV (when they would only run music videos and Beavis and Butthead). As a high school student he would shoot skateboard videos for friends and edit them to rock, punk and ska while teaching himself how to edit in Final Cut Pro. He studied Film & TV Arts at CalState Northridge where he discovered editing was his true passion in filmmaking. Since then, JC has worked with clients like Nike, Chevrolet, Toyota, Apple, Corona and Ferrari and agencies like Wieden + Keneddy, TBWA/Chiat/Day, Commonwealth/McCann, and Martin. His love for the music video has not faded, he has worked with directors like Christopher Gruse on Tiny Jag’s 2020 Vision and with Green Day on Father of all Motherf***ers. He has always been drawn to editing because it is the process in which the idea becomes reality. As a bilingual editor, JC understands the needs of his clients and is able to constantly offer his insight in English and Spanish. Above all, JC is a storyteller who understands visual pacing. From ads, to music videos, to mini-docs, JC is extremely versatile and able to swiftly adapt his editorial techniques to meet the needs of even the most demanding client. When not editing you can find JC jamming on the drums in his garage, working on his vegetable garden, or simply hanging out with friends and family.

Jason Hinkley


Born and raised in Wisconsin, Jason spent his youth immersed in the Midwest music scene. His love of music led him to pursue a degree in broadcasting during which time he was first introduced to film editing and his passion was piqued. Eventually Jason made his way to the west coast where he started his editing career in San Francisco and then inevitably Los Angeles. Jason has worked at major post facilities in Los Angeles with clients such as Nike, Facebook, Twitter, Nissan, Ford, Verizon, and Beats By Dre to name a few. Jason's editing style is diverse and his musical background often plays a critical role in the life of the stories that he builds. Outside of the edit bay you can find Jason DIYing home renovations, riding his vintage Honda motorcycle, adding to his sneaker collection or on an adventure with his wife, daughter and 2 dogs.

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A woman with long hair.

Jessica Lund

Assistant Editor

As a child in the Houston area Jessica dreamed of being an actor, so it’s kind of perfect that she spends her days making actors look their best. Her foundation comes from the film department at University of Texas, Austin where she was inspired by innovation and experimentation. She has shaped concert films and commercials, among many other projects, and loves using non-traditional creative approaches to reveal unique and unexpected results. Since Jessica has never visited Disneyland or Disneyworld, you’d think that’s where she’d want to go for fun, but no, she prefers Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Respect.

Brad Engleking

Sound Supervisor/ Re-recording Mixer

Brad Engleking has been a sound professional in the film industry since 2000 when he graduated from Texas State University with a BA in music/sound recording technology. During this time he has worked on a wide range of film projects from Robert Rodriguez's Sin City to James Cameron’s Alita Battle Angle to Terrence Malick's A Hidden Life. In addition to his work on big-budget Hollywood features, Brad particularly enjoys working with young directors and on independent films. His work on numerous experimental and documentary features can be seen at festivals around the world. In an effort to help educate future filmmakers, Brad has taught classes and lectured at The University of Texas at Austin Radio, Television and Film department, at Texas State University's Sound Recording Technology department, and has participated in panels at SXSW. He has also been featured  in industry trade publications including: Pro Sound News, Editor's Guild, Cinemontage, and Studio Daily. His tutorial videos for Pro Sound Effects have been viewed 30k+ times.

Dusty Albertz

Sr. Sound Mixer

Dusty is a Colorado native who studied Audio production at the Art Institute of Austin, then honed his skills for five years at Charlie Uniform Tango. He joined the team at TBD Post in 2017, when we decided that a turnkey post house must provide sound. He has a huge fan base; a recent joy was working on a Dodge spot that spoofed Talladega Nights, and promoted ACDC’s new album. In 2020 Dusty received an MPSE Golden Reel nomination: Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing - Sound Effects and Foley for Feature Film for his work on Terrence Malicks’ “A Hidden Life”. As a child Dusty dreamed of playing for the Denver Broncos but fortunately for us, the lure of playing with sounds all day long set him on a different course. He reads widely and deeply, and favors good whiskey and cheap beer. When he’s not in session or researching the newest techniques in sound design you can find him playing with son Lincoln or exploring the newest in Scandinavian black metal music.

Francess Tom-Sahr

Sr. Producer

Francess joins us from Brooklyn, where she spent the last twenty years, after growing up in Washington, DC. She has shepherded projects for big agencies (J. Walter Thompson, Droga5, Deutsch) and big clients (MTV, NBC Sports, and personal favorite, Dior Secret Garden Versailles), and has done so seamlessly and with consummate skill. There’s arguably no tougher job. She’s also known for her smooth, silky, calming voice-over work. Francess loves travel and languages – she majored in Spanish at University of Virginia – and her next dream trip is to Sierra Leone, from where her parents hail. Service is important to her, and that’s important to us: she is a member of the Austin Justice Coalition and volunteers as much as she can. Fun fact: after a year in Texas, she still doesn’t own a car. (Yeah, there’s an office pool on how long that lasts.)

Dennis Valk

Post Supervisor/ Sr. Flame Artist

When Dennis was a lad, he would gaze into the starry Phoenix sky and dream of being an astronaut. Lucky for us, he decided to remain earthbound and instead take care of imperfections in film. Glare, improper colors, lighting inconsistencies, visible microphones and drooping wires, nothing gets past his practiced eye. The Flame artist is the last line of defense for a beautifully rendered piece of film /video , and for the better part of a decade Dennis has been putting his subtle, skillful touch on projects large and small. When asked about his proudest achievement he mentions his Perfect Attendance Award in second grade, but he’s just being shy. Dennis has mad skills. The way he deals with imperfection is utter perfection.

Brandon Thomas

Colorist/ Partner

Brandon is a colorist extraordinaire. This makes sense, since he was born in arguably the most colorful town in the lower 48: New Orleans. The first film he graded premiered at SXSW in 2009; since then he's colored over 60 films, more than 150 TV episodes, the Netflix film Blue Miracle, tons of commercials and now even some TikToks. In 2020, Brandon colored the PBS Frontline winner of Gotham Award for Best Documentary A Thousand Cuts. Brandon is a proud dogfather of failed service dog Charlie, and his favorite pastimes are hiking with, cooking with, and hanging out with his wife. Swoon-worthy, right? His childhood dream was to be an architect; it’s our good fortune that he figured out how to build things with the spectrum. Brandon is unapologetic about his favorite cocktail, the El Jefe, which combines many, many items you rarely see together. It’s very colorful. And so we have come full circle.

Karen Jacobs

Managing Director/ EP

As Head of Production at agencies and production-houses in Austin, London and San Francisco, Karen has made divine content come to life for such brands as Southwest Airlines, BMW and Nike. She’s created series (A&E’s Rollergirls), and features (Dan Brown’s “American Detective”) and scooped up an Emmy for PBS/KLRU’s “Downtown.” In 2011 she co-founded Greatest Common Factory, an agency/production company hybrid. And now, we’re thrilled to say, she’s returned to the production side of the business. In addition to painting with sound and picture, Karen paints in oil and watercolor. She’s been known to see seven Broadway plays in seven days. As a child, Karen watched the credits roll on “Dallas” and thought, “My name should be up there, like that.” And, lo, it has been, many, many times.

Kagan Durmer

Flame Artist

Kagan grew up in the woods of southwestern New Hampshire and then got down to the business of becoming a Renaissance Man. First stop was University of New Hampshire, where he majored in Communication and Classics. Then it was on to the New England Institute of Art in Boston for another degree in Digital Video Editing. Following an internship he was hired as a Flame/VFX assistant n a Boston shop, and four years ago he graced our doorstep. It was worth the wait. Kagan finds something new to enjoy about each project even if the concept is the same, and his rich tapestry of life experience brings unique perspective and creativity. Kagan’s last big trip was to Norway, also his next big trip. He is interested in the possibility of life among the stars; in fact when he was seven he wanted to be Ambassador of Extraterrestrial Life. We’d hate to lose him but we get it. He has a Redbone Coonhound named Luther who takes him on hikes. There just seems to be no end to this guy’s well-roundedness.

Processed with VSCO with a1 preset

Tricia Torley

Assistant Editor

This Jersey girl born and living in Texas has been working in post production for the last decade in order to serve stories that inform and entertain-- and also to enable her hobby addiction. If you haven't worked with Tricia yet, you may have seen her rollerskating around town, getting her morning laps in at the springs, or paddle boarding along the river. She's a proud practitioner of minimalism, idealism, and stoicism. Her current measures of success include fluency in Spanish, identifying as a snowbird, and owning a chaise lounge.

Londonn Corpas

Social Media Manager

A native of Los Angeles, Londonn made his first foray into design and digital content at a young age, working in television, branding, and advertising for companies like HBO, Freeform, Troika Media Group, Mischief. He now runs Social Club LA, an organization that helps businesses navigate strategies for effective social marketing. Londonn prides himself on partnering with individuals and companies who have made a deep commitment to supporting the creative ecosystem, but he also prides himself in being a childhood actor. Who can forget his blink-and-you-miss-it moment in Jurassic Park? When he wasn’t busy acting, he was busy dreaming about being a professional wrestler for the WWE. We rather like how he wrestles the content on the world wide web.

Cory Berendzen


Cory honed his color grading career at many renowned LA post facilities, among them were 525Studios, R!OT, EFILM, New Hat, Encore Hollywood, and The Mill LA.  He eventually found his way back to his hometown, Austin, TX. Cory is a pro now, but he generously credits his mentors who helped shape his views and grading approaches. He especially loves the creative collaboration that clients bring to the color bay. Cory is an inventor, podcaster, and mountain biker. When he’s not hiking trails with his family or researching health science, he’s working on acrylic and mixed media paintings. Bringing color into a tangible form you can touch.

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A person smiling for the picture.

Joel Pettit


Joel is a long-distance runner (eight marathons) so it’s not surprising that he specializes in long form projects. He likes the feeling of accomplishment that comes from transforming a concept from the chaos of the dailies to a perfect jewel of a finished piece. A native of the Houston area, Joel graduated from UT Austin with a degree in film then hit the ground running. He moved to New York and got his feet wet working on cultural icons like Gossip Girl and 30 Rock, and some films: Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present , and (his highest personal achievement) Beyonce’s Live at Roseland: Elements of 4. He moved to Austin in 2012 and mastered the seamless weaving together of all the disparate elements that make for a successful project. He loves a challenge because “that’s how you learn.” Joel sometimes wonders what life would be like if he’d pursued his childhood dream of being a grocery clerk. He knows he’d have been good at it, and that technically it’s not too late, but he really loves what he does. Joel and his superior abilities are all things you’ll enjoy spending time with.

Cullen Kelly


Cullen Kelly is a Los Angeles-based senior colorist with credits including the 2021 Oscar-nominated short film Feeling Through, multiple Netflix series, and brand work for Microsoft, McDonald’s, Sephora, and others. He’s also a teacher and author for clients including Blackmagic Design and Frame.io, and the founder of Colloid, a set of custom color grading tools used by several of the world’s top colorists and facilities. With a background in image science as well as the arts, he’s passionate about the intersection of the creative and technical, and its role in great visual storytelling.

Kyle Scribner

Sound Assistant

Kyle grew up in west Texas with his mom, dad, two little brothers, and a whole pack of golden retrievers (we didn’t ask how many, so we’ll assume fifty). Now he has a family of his own and, fun fact, in includes only one dog with not a drop of golden retriever. Working in audio, he’s wired everything from studios and television stations, to remote trucks and mega churches. Around 2017, Brad Engleking, Kyle’s roommate from college and TBD’s Sound Director, showed Kyle the ropes in post production audio (thank you, Brad!). After working on numerous shows as an audio and music editor, Kyle has joined TBD Post as Sound Assist. On his downtime, Kyle tries to get an extra hour of sleep, and dreams of having enough free time to pick up his guitar again, and perhaps even play it while hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Aaron Reed

IT/ Engineer

Aaron is the guy that keeps our machine running, literally. He’s the network expert, wiring guru and makes sure all your footage is still on the server. He’s a native Austinite, and while he enjoyed working remotely in his pajama’s, drinking Mr. Pibb, Aaron does get outside every once in a while to enjoy nature, ride bikes and or even photograph interesting subjects. Like many, he had dreams of being an astronaut when he grew up, but lucky for us, Aaron now connects all those lights and wires to make all dreams come true.

Erik Olson

Client Services

Erik Olson was born in Warrenton, Virginia and then almost immediately became a world traveler when his family moved to Singapore when he was two. He's lived all over the world, but has been in Texas the last eleven years, and Austin the last five. He's worked many jobs in Austin (most of his sentences start with "When I worked *insert movie theater/taco place/bookstore*"), and has finally found a spot here at TBD. When he's not busy being the Client Services Extraordinaire, he's trying to write and direct movies, one of which he's completed and is now technically an award-winning film. When he's not talking about movies (and that's rare), he's reading from his large assortment of books, which he keeps purchasing faster than he can read them. Most nights you can find him watching films at the AFS Cinema.